Get the Layered Look

Well, what were we expecting with the British weather? Looks like summer has gone MIA on us (not that we are surprised). And now we’re all sitting indoors, wondering what to do with those beautiful summer dresses we planned on wearing.

No sweat, gal. Beauty Bombshell’s got you covered with a trend that will work for those random bouts of heat, wind, rain, and god knows what else.

The trend?

The layered look.

A classic, and it seems like this year is the year for it.

And your girls at Beauty Bombshell here are loving this trend right now. Why? Well, it’s a cheap way to look good :D. No matter your style, you can incorporate this look from your very own wardrobe.

Wanna know how to rock your wardrobe with the layered trend this season?

Then grab yourself a cuppa, and let’s skip to the good stuff.

What is the layered look, exactly?

We’re talking jeans under dresses, jackets over jackets, ya know? BUT done with taste. There is a trick to mastering it, and it’s not just about wearing two jumpers at once.

Here are a few layered looks that are trending right now:

#1 Sheered Skirts Over Shorts

Time to get those dark denim shorts out of the back of the wardrobe and layer over them with a sheer skirt.

My friend actually took an old chiffon skirt she had for yonks. She then stripped off the underlayer and was then left with a make-shift sheer number. She paired it with some black hotpants and a white blouse and hit the town in some Nikes.

It looked BOMB, and she didn’t spend a penny!

So if you’ve got an old chiffon number that you just don’t wear anymore, you know what to do!

#2 Retail Meets Street

Low-key one of our personal favs. Beauty Bombshells love a bit of street! But then, teamed with some retail glamour, maybe a lace blouse under a graphic T, some heels, and a pair of skinny jeans would work perfectly.

#3 Corsets Over Button-ups

Whether you opt-in for a denim corset or a leather bralette, this look will totally upgrade your wardrobe with a chic and sexy aura.

We all have a button-up, whether it’s ours or one of our ex’s...

Grab a button-up and place your corset on top with a pair of blue-wash jeans, a ponytail, and some red lippy. And you’re done!

#4 Blazer Over Blazer

Depending on what the weather decides to do, the double blazer option can work in your favour! If it’s too hot, you can pull off a layer and get on with your day.

This look works best with two tones or jackets of the same colour, and the outer jacket being slightly more oversized than the other.

#5 Bralettes Over T-shirts

A t-shirt may just be a t-shirt. But chuck a bralette over it and you transform an everyday look into an eye-catching outfit! And the beauty of this layered look is you have so many prints and colours to choose from.

You can go bold and colourful with tropical, holiday-vibe prints. Or you can keep it chic with minimal styles, like dark denim or lace.

#6 A Flash of Fishnet

A little more daring than the others, but BANG on-trend is the fishnet layer.

The fishnet is usually worn underneath torn jeans or some sweats – something similar to Vanessa from In the Heights (cue musical interlude here).

#7 Jeans Under Dresses

Feeling a little more boho? Then this layered look is your number. Some mid-flares underneath a knee-length cotton frock and you’re good to go.

This look has probably been one of the most common layered looks out there, but you can add your own unique twist using what’s already hiding in that wardrobe of yours for that good old British festival vibe.

Get the Layered Look

Girrrrlllll, you gotta get on this look! It’s what’s raving the streets, the movies, and beyond. AND you can make some of these layered looks without even paying a penny.

Just go and see what’s lurking in your wardrobe already and do a ‘lil DIY on it.

Got further thoughts on some layered looks you’re loving right now?

Don’t be shy, girl!

Leave a comment below or get in touch with your fellow beauty bombshells right here.

And don’t forget to check out our lnsta for some more layered inspo.

Speak soon, chica!

Beauty Bombshell Team


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