Plump Up Your Lips

Girl, have you seen what’s trending on IG right now!?

Seems like that slim-thick look isn’t the only thing going viral. Looks like thicker, plumper lips are also on every gal’s agenda.

Some have even gone under the needle to achieve fuller, juicer lips, but that’s not what we at Beauty Bombshell are here to advocate.

We are here to show you how you can plump up your lips without having to get super invasive treatments. We are gonna show you how you can get fuller, healthy-looking lips without the hassle and expense.

Sound like something you could do with?

Then get that pen and pad ready, chica. Beauty Bombshell’s gonna give you the lowdown on how to achieve plumper, healthier lips.

Plump Up Your Lips – Without the Fillers

While many women may say that lip fillers are needed to enhance your lips and get that plump look, we aren’t feelin’ that. We live in a modern world that’s constantly evolving; technology is improving, and so is the beauty world.

Getting that plump lip look is now easier than ever. So you can go ahead and cancel that filler appointment ‘cos we got you covered.

How To Achieve That Plump Lip Look

Here are a few things you can do to enhance the fullness of your lips and give them that extra lush-lifting boost.

1 | Exfoliate Your Lips

Just like your skin, your lips need to be lifted from any dead skin cells that build up and cause that dull, dry complexion. So girl, gently exfoliate your lips regularly with a little bit of oil and sugar. You will notice a difference in the brightness and tone of your lips, which will naturally give them a more extensive, fuller look.

2 | Moisturise Your Lips

Be sure to moisturise your lips daily, especially after exfoliating! This step is vital in achieving plumper, fuller lips. So, be sure to invest in a hydrating, moisturising lip balm that will smooth out the appearance of your lips and gives them a deep hydration.

But beware! Some lip balms (especially the cheaper brands) may just be sucking moisture from your lips instead of soothing and watering them. So take time to research decent lip balms that will give your lips the moisture they need.

3 | Use a Lip Plumper

Now here is our favourite part!

Once you have taken care of your lips and are up to speed with a good lip care routine, you can use a lip plumper to really enhance the pout of your lips.

Believe us when we tell you that lip plumpers will become your best friend! Not only do they increase the volume and lusciousness of your lips, but they also fill in any fine lines and wrinkles you may have, giving your lips the ultimate juice boost!

Taking some time out of your busy schedule to improve the health of your lips will benefit you in the long run. But for that instant lip-pop, be sure to use a premium lip plumper that will boost volume and give your lips some body!

Benefits of Using a Lip Plumper

Oh, the benefits of a lip plumper!

Do we need to say more?

Well, just to emphasise all the juicy truth, let’s see why you, like, MUST get your hands on a lip plumper. That is if you haven’t already.

Benefit #1 – Instant Hydration

A good lip plumper will provide your lips with even more hydration. They contain natural oils that promote regeneration and youthfulness, making sure you look and stay hydrated 24/7.

Benefit #2 – Vibrant Volume

Lip plumpers instantly give you a volume boost, which is the whole reason people get lip fillers, right? Right! So instead of spending a ton of money on lip fillers, plump up your lips with a decent lip plumper and get immediate volume while saving on the cash.

Benefit #3 – Maximum Shine

Lips that are flat and dull are a no-go. And even if lip fillers were your option, they do not give your lips a glow. On the other hand, a lip plumper will instantly give your lips a natural shine and luster that will remain throughout the day.

We see no downsides to a well-chosen lip plumper, only instant wins. However, your choice of lip plumper will affect the look and nature of your lips, so be sure to get your hands on a good one!

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