The Hottest Lipstick Trend Right Now - Vinyl Lipstick

Us girls usually are one of the two:

Lipstick lovers OR Gloss gals.

Lipstick gives off that clean, matte look that has been trending for decades, while lip gloss has that summer shine that enhances and plumps your luscious lips.

But what if we were to tell you that you can get both looks using just one beauty tool?

Yes, gal. You can get the best of both worlds with the hottest lipstick trend right now.

Introducing Vinyl Lipstick - the hybrid of the lipstick world.

You want a lipstick that stays? You got it.

You want a lipstick that shines? You got it.

You want a lipstick that plumps? You. Got. It.

Vinyl lipstick is trending for a reason, girl! You can’t miss out on this ultimate beauty revolution.

Because you’re a beauty bombshell, and your lips gotta be on point 24/7.

So if you are new to the liquid lippie, or have been wondering whether they are as good as IG tells you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Your girlfriends at Beauty Bombshell are gonna talk all about vinyl lipstick today. We’re gonna give you the lowdown right now.

Wait... What is Vinyl Lipstick?

Vinyl lipstick is a light, weightless formula that is pigmented. It's also known as liquid lipstick because of its glide and texture, giving you a vinyl finish and dewy, plump look.

Why Go Vinyl?

When it comes to lips, we are all aiming for the same goal: for our lipstick to stay put, for the colour to sit still, and for our lips to look full and luscious.

Is that so hard? Like, really?

I’m sure you’ve been there too. Looking for the perfect shade, the perfect texture, the perfect vibe. And when you think you’ve found the one, time always tells the truth. Girl, we feel your pain. It’s hard to find the perfect lip colour that ticks all the boxes.

... Or is it?

This is why we, at Beauty Bombshell, are all for lip vinyl.

Vinyl lipstick is a high-quality lipstick not only stays put and do as it’s told but will also:

  • Keep its colour
  • Stay shining (but not too much)
  • Make you look and feel like a goddess

With bold colours that don’t fade, investing in a good vinyl lipstick will be a revolutionary turn in your beauty story.

The Pros of Vinyl Lipstick

Oh, girrrrrllll, the pros of vinyl lipstick are endless! With more shine than your general lipstick and less sticky than your average gloss, vinyl lipstick will quickly become every girl’s best friend.

Here are some pros for you to dwell on...

Vinyl Lipstick is...

Moisturising. You ever had that dry, flaky feeling some lipsticks leave you with? Yeah... by no means does that make you feel beautiful! That normally occurs with drugstore lipstick, while the ones that stay moister tend to be on the pricey side. That’s not the case with vinyl lipstick! You can get decent-priced vinyl lipstick that will not dry out your lips and will not leave any breaks and flakes.

Full of Colour. High pigmentation means vibrant, juicy colour. That means no more fading or patching! Just bold, bright, and beautiful lips all day long.

Lip Plumping. One of the best things about vinyl lipstick is the plumping, firming look it instantly gives. This comes from the vinyl-like finish they have, which instantly lifts your lips, giving them a fuller, juicer appearance.

The Cons of Vinyl Lipstick

Stop right there... there are cons?!

Well, with everything, there are cons. We have to consider that we all have unique likes and dislikes, and there will always be a downside to a product for some. Plus, we wanna be super honest with you, ‘cos that’s what girlfriends do.

Still, the cons of vinyl lipstick are hard to come by.

One thing you may notice with many vinyl lipsticks is the usual object transfer. You drink some coffee, and you’ll see a small print of your dazzling colour on the mug. I guess that’s inevitable with lipstick and lip gloss, too. Unless you’re paying big money.

That being said, your lips still look as vibrant and popping as they did before you took a sip of your coffee. So, honestly? No harm done! Your vinyl lipstick will still hold its colour and shine throughout the day, and with a little touch-up, it will look just as good.

Not really much of a con, but we wanted to keep you in the loop, ya know?

How to Get The Most out of Your Vinyl Lipstick

Now for the juicy bit!

How do you apply vinyl lipstick to get the best look?

Well, with any beauty tip us Beauty Bombshells will give you; we will always say to look after the very foundation you are laying your makeup on. In this case, it’s your lips.

Maintaining moist, healthy lips is key to how any lipstick/lip gloss will finish, and it’s the same with vinyl lipstick. So, make sure your lips are moisturised regularly with a good lip balm.

Next up, we recommend using a lip-liner to form a sexy border for your vinyl lipstick. Lip-liner helps with the longevity of your lipstick and prevents spreading, so this is key to the survival of succulent lips, girl!

Then, apply the vinyl lipstick starting from where your lips purse and working outwards.

And voila! Sexy, succulent lips in a matter of minutes.

Be Bold. Go Vinyl

Girl, it’s all about the outcome – how you look and how you feel. Having bold, kissable lips will not only enhance your natural beauty but will help you feel good about yourself from the inside out. #beautygoals

So be bold and take a leap with vinyl lipstick. And if you are curious about where to even start, we've got you covered.

Take a look at Beauty Bombshell’s dynamic vinyl lipstick range and read other Beauty Bombshell Babe’s reviews. You can even get in touch with us with any questions you may have. 

Begin your beautiful lip regime with us, right here.

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Be the beauty you are within.

Beauty Bombshell Team 


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