How to Apply Falsies Without Hurting Your Natural Lashes

Stop right there with the falsies, girlie.
I’ve got a few things to tell you before you whack on those beauties.

Hello, Beautiful Bombshells!

Pamela here!

And I’m ready to talk all about lashes - false lashes, to be precise.

Whether you are stepping out for a night with the girls, grabbing a bite to eat with the mother, or going out on a date, stick-on eyelashes are a good choice for that instant eye-wow effect.

But there’s one thing that’s even more important than making your lashes look bomb. And that’s your natural lashes.

Today, I want to share some #lashhacks with you. Lash hacks that will not only make applying false lashes easy but will also protect your most precious natural lashes.





How To Apply False Lashes Without Hurting Your Natural Ones

Before we begin, make sure you have these essentials to hand:

  • Eyelash brush
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash scissors
  • Good quality adhesive
  • Matte black eyeshadow
  • Liner brush

Beauty Bomb #1

It Starts With a Curl

To begin, gently brush and curl your natural lashes to create a firm foundation for your falsies. For extra strength and support, apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying the stick-on lashes.

Beauty Bomb #2

Cut The Falsies To Size

Next up, use your eyelash scissors and trim your stick-on lashes to fit your eye shape. To maximise the hold and curve of the lashes, gently bend them into a c-shape and hold for a few moments.

Beauty Bomb #3

Time To Glue!

Now it’s time to get gluing! Do not put the glue directly on your eyelids – that’s a BIG no-no! ;D Take your time to apply a thin amount of adhesive on the band of the false eyelashes and allow the glue to set for a little before adding.

Beauty Bomb #4

Apply The Stick-On Lashes

Some of us prefer using tweezers to apply false lashes, but at Beauty Bombshell, we recommend using your hands for safety and manipulability. Begin by placing the lashes from your lid’s outer corner and gently working your way across, keeping as close to your natural lash line as possible.

Beauty Bomb #5

Prime To Perfection If you are feeling extra sassy, you can power up your lashes by drawing a soft, ultra-thin line of dark matte eyeshadow (we recommend natural black) with the eyeliner brush across the line where the lash band meets your eyelid. This isn’t really needed, but if you are looking for that extra POW and a more natural merge, we recommend this step for sure!

And for the best results, we recommend using Beauty Bombshell’s [name eyelash set if applicable] for that extra WOW factor.

Now that you’re rocking your lashes,don’t forget to treat them with care!

Avoid rubbing and scratching your eyes and be sure to safely remove your stick-on falsies before getting your beauty sleep.

Enjoy yourself tonight, girlie!

And have a glass of vino on me.



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