How to Use Beauty Bombshell’s Transformer Pen - To Get that eye-WOW affect

Hey, my girls!

I want to introduce you to my newfound love.

He’s a keeper, I can tell you that much.

He has many good qualities. He doesn’t leave you when you cry. He doesn’t go all flaky on you when things get a little hot. He’s a loyal guy that makes you look good and makes your eyes gleam.

Oh, and did I mention? He’s tall, dark, and handsome. And he will literally transform your life from the very first meeting.

Let me introduce you to him.

The Transformer Pen.

Yep, girl, you got it.

What could be more loyal than a long-lasting eyeliner? One that transforms your look?

Forget smudges and cracks and oil slides. This eyeliner has got you.

So today is all about applying it to the best of your advantage.

How to Use the Transformer Pen

For this, you are gonna need:

  1. Cleanser
  2. The Transformer Pen (of course, haha)
  3. Eye primer
  4. Black eyeshadow (not necessary, but great if you have it)
  5. Thin eyeliner brush

Let’s begin!

Beauty Bomb #1

The Cleanse

As always, make sure to cleanse your face from oil build-up first. When applying moisturiser, try your best to avoid the eye area and make sure your hands are clean.

Beauty Bomb #2

Prime Time!

Before applying your eyeshadow, be sure to put on a good eye primer. This will ensure the durability of not just your eyeshadow but also your eyeliner. It will also reduce oil build-up.

Beauty Bomb #3

Blurred Lines

This step isn’t a must, but it sure does add to the longevity of your eyeliner!

Once you have applied your eyeshadow like a boss, it would be great to lay a foundation of matte black eyeshadow using an eyeliner brush (or the tip of a different eyeliner). Apply a thin line where you plan to put your eyeliner to create a firm base.

Beauty Bomb #4

Transform Those Eyes

Now is the time to use that bad boy.

Apply a thin line using the Transformer Pen to begin, and then layer over the base to build resistance. Layering is key to creating a firm, confident liner.

And the Transformer Pen makes it super easy to do.

Whether you want a thin flick or are going for a more bold look, the Transformer Pen will make it a breeze.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s How To Guide!

If you are curious about the Transformer Pen, feel free to talk!

Let’s get your eyes popping.


BBL Team


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