How to Apply High-Definition Pigments

Hi, My Beautiful Bombshells!

Pam here once more with something extra special for you today.

Today is all about high-definition pigments. We are gonna talk about how to apply them to your eyes for that extra vibrance and colour that lasts you all day long.

It can be difficult for us gals to find the perfect eye colour – one that doesn’t smudge or run away with the wind. But if you know how to use high-definition pigments, you are on to a winner.

Let’s run through how to apply high-definition pigments on our eyes and get you and your girlfriends looking bomb at the next garden party.

Wait... What Are Pigments Again?

If you are new to the pigment world, I welcome you with open arms. You are just about to discover a revolution to your makeup routine – one that will have you gassing with your girls for days.

High-definition pigment makeup is basically loose, shimmery powder with intense colour and hold. Not only does it help you create bold, beautiful vibrant looks, but it’s also super easy to apply. It can be applied as lipstick, highlighter, eyeshadow... you name it!

But today, I’m gonna help you apply it to your eyes to make them POP!

So let’s get this party started!

How To Apply High-Definition Pigments

Begin by getting yourself ready. You will need:

  1. Facial cleanser
  2. Eyeshadow/ eye pigment primer
  3. Matte eyeshadow
  4. Setting pray or distilled water
  5. Your high-definition pigment of choice
  6. Stiff, synthetic eyeshadow brush
  7. The Transformer Eyeliner

Beauty Bomb #1

Clean Your Canvas

Before starting, be sure to cleanse your face and dry it well. When applying moisturiser, try your best to avoid the eye area.

If you want your high-def pigment colour to stay strong and not slip off your lids, having clean, oil-free eyelids are essential. So avoid applying cream to your eyes and make sure your hands are clean.

Beauty Bomb #2

Prep & Prime

Prime your eyelids with primer or a matte eyeshadow. Doing so will help hold the colour in place all day long and prevent oil spread and running, especially if you have hooded eyes.

Beauty Bomb #3

Get Mixing

The high-definition pigment is pretty loose, so be gentle as you open it! Use your brush (make sure it’s clean!) to dab some of the powder onto the lid of the pigment pot (or a flat, clean surface will do!) and then tap off the excess powder.

Mix your setting spray (or distilled water) into the powder until it forms a paste. Make sure there is no residue of powder left.

Beauty Bomb #4

Get Your Eyes Poppin’

Working from the inner corner of your eye, tap gently on your lids and work your way out. You will instantly see a pop of vibrant, juicy colour!

To ensure there are no gaps and awkward lines, I highly recommend using a fluffy dome brush to blend the colour. This will make sure the colour has reached each nook and cranny of your lids and will not fail you throughout the day!

Beauty Bomb #5

Line Those Eyes

Want that extra WOW factor? Then be sure to use the Transformer eyeliner to add that extra wow factor!

Learn how to apply that bad boy right here.

And there you have it!

High-definition colour to make your eyes pop!

Pro Tip - To make sure your colour stays and doesn’t run all over the place, find good quality high-definition pigments that will stay in place. A great place to start (of course hehe) is here!

And please feel free to chat with me if you have any questions.

Speak soon!



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