Wispy Falsies
Wispy Falsies
Wispy Falsies
Wispy Falsies

Wispy Falsies

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Get curlicious lashes with our hottest selling lash set and wisp your curls and cares away with Wispy Falsies.

Available in: NATURAL BLACK


Your lashes are set to kill with our Wispy Falsies set. Full on, stay-put lashes that give you that instant eye-wow effect. Whether you are stepping out for a night with the girls, grabbing a bite to eat with the mother, or going out on a killer date, these Wispy Falsies are a must-wear.

WISP yourself away with our extra-curl enhanced falsies, helping you gain that natural confidence in your beautiful self. Our Wispy wearers are carefree, strong, independent, intelligent, alluring women who dare to dream. Join them and be as free as a bird with these stunning full-set lashes.

The lashes are 5D 25mm Mink Lashes

FYI Adhesive glue included/not included with this set.

Learn how to apply falsies without hurting your natural lashes here.

All our beauty products paraben free, hypo - allergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance free, not tested on animals and halal certified. Made in Europe.

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We aim to help you emit what’s inside you through fashion and beauty, light up your world and ‘bring out your very confident, radiant, individual you!’

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I was super impressed with the quality!! Would definitely recommend to all first time buyers :)


I've been using Bombshell Beauty products for a while now, and as an influencer I would not go anywhere else for affordable and premium beauty products!